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Ford makes the models with the lowest repair costs according to Warranty Direct

Ford cars are the cheapest for accident repair according to Warranty Direct claims


IF you want to keep repair costs down on your company cars, buy a Ford. That’s the message of a survey carried out by and Warranty Direct.

The survey, based on claims made Warranty Direct policy-holders, showed average repair costs on Ford models of £223.92.

Keeping repair costs down on company cars is vital to contain costs, yet garage labour rates have risen to a record average of £83 per hour says Warranty Direct. That figure is up from £80.44 in 2011 and more than 10% higher than it was two years previously.

Prices of both independent and franchised repairers ranged between £36.60 per hour to as much as £201.60 in well-healed Hertfordshire, meaning it’s vital for a business car manager to ensure they get the best value repairs for their company car drivers.

Here are the “top ten” manufacturers for the cheapest repair costs:

1 Ford £223.92

2 Suzuki £234.96

3 Peugeot £251.58

4 Fiat £260.25

5 Skoda £261.02

6 Smart £268.27

7 Hyundai £269.90

8 Vauxhall £270.42

9 Citroen £270.72

10 SEAT £273.35


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