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Ford Mondeo 2.0 TDCi 180 Vignale Estate review

BASICALLY it’s the latest Mondeo in the most exclusive, expensive new Vignale trim.

Named after Alberto Vignale, an Italian coachbuilder, Ford bought the brand at the same time as the legendary Ghia trim – but unlike Ghia, this is the first time the Vignale badge has been used on a production Ford vehicle.

The Vignale trim is available on the Mondeo, first with a choice of three engines; two TDCi diesels in 177 or 207bhp outputs, a 236bhp 2.0-litre Ecoboost petrol and a 2.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid. We’ve got what Ford anticipates will be the best-seller on review here, the 177bhp, 2.0-litre TDCi diesel with all-wheel drive.

What’s hot?

  • Vignale changes over the standard Mondeo are tastefully executed, with just a dark metallic hexagonal designed grille, unique foglamps, standard 18-inch alloy wheels, extra chrome trim, the dynamic LED front lights and special, more thickly-applied metallic colours.
  • Inside, the Mondeo Vignale feels equally special. Highlights include a 12-speaker Sony sound system, the hexagonal soft leather trim for the seats, with the leather carrying on to the top of the doors and dashboard
  • The £600 climate seat option on the Vignale seems money well spent, as on top of toasting your bottom when it’s cold, these seats can also keep it cool on hot days.
  • With its standard fit noise-cancelling system that works through the speakers and laminated glass, this is the most refined Mondeo we’ve ever driven. In fact the Vignale is two decibels quieter than the standard car. The diesel thrum is barely audible at idle and even when extended it remains a thrum.
  • Interior space has always been a Mondeo selling point and on top of all the extra Vignale kit, room front and rear is impressive, with 740mm of space for three six-footers to sit comfortably in the back.
  • Whether you go for the Saloon, or the prettier estate that we have here, boot space is equally impressive.
  • Although this 177bhp version of the 2.0-litre TDCi diesel doesn’t feel that quick off the mark, it still feels genuinely torquey and brisk through the mid-range. Acceleration to 62mph takes 9.3 seconds and the top speed is 140mph.
  • Despite the performance, this Mondeo is capable of 53.3mpg on the Combined Cycle, with CO2 emissions of just 138g/km. These CO2 emissions mean the Mondeo 2.0 TDCi Vignale falls into the 26% company car tax band for 2015/16.
  • Our Mondeo Vignale review car was fitted with the optional 19-inch Vignale-specific alloys. Big wheels usually result in an unsettled ride, but the Mondeo impresses with its composure, although potholes are definitely more noticeable than in other new Mondeo’s we’ve driven.
  • Luxury kit or no luxury kit, like the rest of the current Mondeo range, the Vignale doesn’t disappoint with its driving dynamics. Although the set-up seemed softer than before, the Vignale still felt sharp and responsive.