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GM has developed several fuel cell vehicles since the late ’60s and the Project Driveway programme, launched in 2007, has run up nearly 3 million miles of real world driving in a fleet of 119 hydrogen powered vehicles

THE popularity and benefits of using electric cars is constantly on the rise.

This has recently sparked a new collaboration between General Motors (GM) and Honda, who have recently shared their “next-generation” plans, which will feature improved fuel cell system and hydrogen storage technologies.

With a 2020 deadline to work towards, the two companies are keen to combine their expertise to develop their zero emission hydrogen fuel cell technology, which will aim to reduce the dependence on fuel and improve vehicle sustainability for a cleaner and more advanced driving experience.  

GM and Honda have already started carrying out small test fleets of hydrogen-powered vehicles and it is said to be their hope that the energy industry will support their technological efforts and expand the availability of hydrogen, which should have a positive influence on the amount of drivers jumping on board the idea too.