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Lee Wheeler

Lee Wheeler heads corporate sales for Honda. The new diesel gives him a real selling point

CAUGHT up with Honda’s corporate sales boss Lee Wheeler at the launch of the new Honda Civic 1.6 i-DTEC in Prague earlier this week.

Lee could hardly contain his pleasure at the new low-emission engine in the CR-V.

It gives him a real sales story for company car drivers given the car’s 119g/km CO2 emissions – and the chance to draw in new drivers to the brand.

“For the price of a well specified hatch you’re in a CR-V. We think company car drivers will be surprised to find such an aspirational diesel available to them,” said Lee.

“For SMEs I think we’ll major on the CO2 emissions and the 62mpg+ fuel economy, plus it’s a lot of car for just £30 a year road fund licence.

Honda CR-V

Wheeler says that the CR-V now offers a full blown SUV for the company car costs of a well speced hatch

“It’s all about the little benefits that come together into one big message: here is a big, practical and aspirational model that’s good value for money and challenges the usual assumptions about SUVs.”

Lee also said there would be a competitive business car lease from Honda  dealers when the car goes on sale in October.

There won’t be a four-wheel drive version, though. “At this moment, the 1.6 diesel CR-V remains a two-wheel drive car,” confirmed Lee.

“The engineers have spent a long time engineering the car for 2WD. The moment you put that back in, all of that changes, including the balance of the car.