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The Honda Civic

Hondas like this Civic are the most reliable cars on the road according to a new reliability survey from and Warranty Direct

Story: David Wilkins

IF you want to keep your company cars out on the road earning their keep, there’s only one brand to choose – Honda. That’s according to a useful survey for business car managers from and Warranty Direct.

And Honda is nothing if not consistent when it comes to reliability rankings – the brand invariably sits at the top.

Each manufacturer was allocated a reliability Index score based on claims made by customers on their Warranty Direct policies. The average reliability score is 100.

Higher reliability is associated with a lower score while manufacturers producing unreliable cars get a high score. Honda came out on top with a score of just 30.75.

Two other Japanese manufacturers, Suzuki and Toyota, came second and third with scores of 37.67 and 53.27. In fact, Japanese brands took six of the top ten places, with the remainder going to Ford, Kia, Daewoo and Smart.

The least reliable brands, at least according to the survey, are Porsche (187.5) and Land Rover (191.25), and lots of other big names, including Audi, Jaguar and Mercedes, are worse than average too.

The survey also highlights the reliability performance of individual models for a business car manager and in this case it’s the Kia Picanto that comes out on top, with a reliability index score of 3.00, followed by the Vauxhall Agila.

Top 6 most reliable car brands

1 Honda
2 Suzuki
3 Toyota
4 Ford
5 Kia
6 Mazda

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