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HAVING your vehicle stolen can be much more than just a simple inconvenience; it can have much bigger implications. Firstly, the cost of replacing your car is something everyone could do without. Even if you are covered for theft under your car insurance, you will still have to fork out the excess. Your car insurance premiums are also likely to go up once you make a claim for a stolen vehicle. The loss of your vehicle can also lead to you being unable to get to work, costing you even more money!

Tens of thousands of vehicles are stolen in the UK every year and the sad truth is, if your car is stolen you are very unlikely to ever see it again. Car thieves are constantly looking for new and more inventive ways to steal your car with one of the most recent being breaking into home specifically to get the keys to your car.

Vehicle GPS trackers

One of the best chances you have of recovering your stolen vehicle is if it is fitted with a GPS tracker. Vehicle GPS trackers transmit up to the minute location data allowing your vehicle to be tracked if it is stolen. This information can allow the police to track down your vehicle in the hope of returning it to you, the rightful owner.

There are many different types of vehicle GPS trackers available on the market, many of which can be installed discreetly and remain covert in the hope that they would go unnoticed by a car thief. You can even get GPS trackers that are so slim they can be fitted to sit behind the number plate. The more covert a GPS tracker, the less likely it is to be spotted and removed from the vehicle, rendering its tracking data useless.

You can purchase vehicle GPS trackers which can either be wired to your car’s power supply or be attached using strong magnets to the outside of your vehicle. Even if a wired GPS tracker is disconnected from the power supply, by a thief who wrongly assumes this will turn it off, a good GPS tracker will also have backup lithium batteries to ensure it still emits tracking data.

When choosing your tracker we advise on speaking to an expert within the industry such as Trackershop-UK who have been supplying an exclusive range of vehicle trackers for over 10 years.

Tracking your stolen vehicle

Many vehicle GPS trackers can be linked to an app so you can see in real time the exact location of your vehicle. This can be vital for the police to recover your stolen vehicle and make the difference between getting your vehicle back and never seeing it again. GPS tracker apps also store tracking information so that if your GPS tracker is discovered and removed, you will still be able to see the last known location of your vehicle which can give police a head start in tracking it down.

If your vehicle is stolen in the middle of the night then you may not realise it has been taken until hours later. This gives the thief plenty of time to get as far away as possible, making them much harder to find. One big benefit of having a GPS tracker on your vehicle is that you can set it up to alert you should your vehicle leave a pre-set designated area. For example, you may set a geo-fence around your property using your tracking app and if your vehicle is moved out of that area then you will be notified immediately. The quicker you know a crime has been committed then the quicker action can be taken and the more likely it is that your vehicle will be recovered.

Vehicle GPS trackers are priceless when it comes to recovering a stolen vehicle. Whether it is your personal car or for your fleet of company vans, GPS trackers can drastically increase your chances of getting a stolen vehicle recovered.

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