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DO you want to become a better driver? Maybe you’re just looking for a car insurance discount, or an officer caught you speeding in a school zone.

Regardless of your situation, the only solution for a suspended or revoked driver’s license is to enroll in a defensive driving course online.

With hundreds of options available, you might be wondering where to begin looking for an online defensive driving course online.  If you’ve attempted to search for one, you’re aware of how overwhelming it can be to make a final decision. For more information on well-reputed defensive driving courses, follow this guide to help you make a sound decision.

In-class vs. online courses

How is the defensive driving course offered? There are two main methods in which you can access defensive driving classes.

Conventionally, drivers with suspended or revoked driver’s licenses will be required to take these classes in a classroom setting, meaning you’ll need to show up physically for classes, sit for exams, and adhere to an attendance policy. Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate if you pass. 

Fortunately, thanks to digital age innovations, you can now take defensive driving classes virtually. You don’t need to show up to class to learn defensive driving. You can also pick times that are convenient for you. Choosing between the two options entirely depends on your personal preference.

Length of course

How many hours should you set aside to learn defensive driving? Why do some courses demand as much as eight hours per session, while others only last 60 minutes or less? It all boils down to state regulations, insurance discount requirements, and personal preference.

It’s essential to research what your state regulations stipulate regarding the hours dedicated to completing defensive driving courses.


How much should you plan to spend on this defensive driving course online? To answer this question accurately, you’ll need to determine your budgets and goals. For instance, if you’re taking the class for an insurance discount, ensure that the anticipated total discount exceeds the course’s cost. Otherwise, you risk losing both time and money. 

Companies offering these courses will charge differently depending on the certifications, mode of classes, and maybe the type of media used to teach the material. Do your research thoroughly before signing up for a course, especially if you’re trying to adhere to a budget. 

Type of media utilised

As simple as it may seem, the type of media utilized by your prospective company will have a considerable impact on your learning experience. Many online defensive driving courses are video-based, but they don’t always yield desirable results.

While some companies invest in state-of-the-art cameras, animations, and drone footage to improve the overall learning experience, others stick to outdated presentation styles that can make class time seemingly unbearable. 

Be aware of online course companies that provide services at a low price, only to assign an intense and physically-taxing six to eight hours of reading.

If that’s not bad enough, you have to pay an additional amount for audio or video for some defensive driving courses. With these risks in mind, inquire about your instructor’s teaching style before making a decision you and your wallet will regret.

Check out the reviews

What are former customers saying about the company of your interest? Reviews give potential defensive driving students, like yourself, clear insight into the company and their services list. With thorough research, you may discover hidden fees that can drain your bank account. 

Previous clients can shed light on the quality of services, the customer satisfaction policy, a defensive driving course’s success rate, etc. Thanks to the Internet, you can access all the information you could ever want in seconds. With a simple Google search and a few clicks of a mouse, you can find these reviews online in a snap. 

Bad reviews are clear red flags that warn potential customers of scams, intensive course loads, unfriendly instructors, etc.. On the other hand, positive reviews indicate that you’re likely to experience good results and receive high-quality services from your prospective company.

Of course, there will be one or two bad reviews mixed in with the bunch, but they shouldn’t outweigh the positive reviews. Remember, one cranky customer’s experience shouldn’t negate the hundreds of customer testimonials that rave about an instructor’s teaching methods. 

Quality courses

The course content should give a comprehensive overview of defensive driving basics. You should learn how to keep you and your passengers safe and prevent deadly accidents to pedestrians and fellow drivers alike. 

Clientele references could inform you of the quality of content embedded in the modules. You are more likely to complete classes with confidence if you believe that the course chosen was a worthwhile investment.

After you’ve completed these defensive driving lessons, your car will thank you for the extra effort you put forth to improving your driving skills, as these courses can reduce the likelihood of causing a car accident. 

In summary

Conduct some quick online research before choosing a defensive driving course. Let your goals and personal preferences guide you while browsing the options available to you.

Don’t forget, customer satisfaction should be a priority to your instructors. To ensure you’ll have a positive customer experience, refer to former/current customer reviews.