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THE coronavirus pandemic is throwing up all sorts of issues as far as mobility solutions are concerned.

Car-share and ride-share have hit the buffers in the face of social distancing. Could single-seaters like the Renault Twizy be the future?

Fleet software specialist FleetCheck said that most mobility solutions relied on multi-user use of assets at a time when sharing of almost any asset could lead to the virus being much more widely distributed.

Managing director Peter Golding said: “The mobility products that have been promoted to fleets over the last few years as an alternative to existing corporate travel methods are fundamentally designed to get more out of existing transport assets – whether that is car sharing, ride sharing, access to pool vehicles, or increased use of public transport.

“In a world that is coping with coronavirus, all of these options become much more problematic. They are inevitably much riskier and potentially dangerous than the one driver, one vehicle company car or van model that they seek to replace.”

Peter said that this would unavoidably have an impact on which mobility solutions were considered viable by fleets and would become widely adopted over the next few years.

“It seems to us that coronavirus will have a fundamental effect on the mobility sector, at least this side of a vaccine or cure for the virus. Whichever risk management measures you adopt to offset the dangers of any form of sharing of transport, issues remain.

“There may instead be a fundamental shift in how fleets now view the future away from the mixed-solution vision of mobility that has been widely promoted in recent years.

“In the short term, we believe it is almost inevitable that grey fleet use will increase as people look to undertake journeys in their own, personal space. It could also be that we look towards a wider range of single-user transport solutions, especially for shorter journeys.

“Certainly, there are widespread reports of interest in e-bikes and mopeds,  it is possible that Renault Twizy-style one or two-person personal EVs could become popular.

“Employers may need to start thinking about how these changes fit into their operations and what changes they need to consider. This may include everything from considering the risk management implications of using an e-bike or moped on a local business journey to upgrading your fleet policy to take grey fleet operations more seriously.”

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