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Hyundai shows off new in-car connectivity concept

Hyundai lifts the wraps on what business car users can look forward to in the next generation of in-car connectivity gizmos.
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Will this car speak to my phone? Hyundai previews future in-car connectivity concepts


3 January 2013

Hyundai Connectivity Concept
Will this car speak to my phone? Hyundai previews future in-car connectivity concepts

“WILL this car speak to my phone?”

That’s the question business motorists increasingly ask as they consider their next company car – and the manufacturers have responded with a range of connectivity options that make it easier to keep in touch with the office or customers while out on the road.

How clever does it get?

  • Use your smartphone instead of a car key or remote…
  • …and to activate your profile with music, phone numbers and radio settings
  • Wireless battery charging for your phone
  • Use phone apps and content through the car’s in-dash screen

Volvo, for example, has made Bluetooth standard on all versions of the new V40, not just the top models.

Options such as MINI Connected and Renault’s new R-Link technology allow cars to tap the apps carried on portable devices such as smartphones and tablets to provide communication, navigation and entertainment far more cheaply than traditional built-in systems.

Now Hyundai is show-casing the next generation of in-car technology, due to hit the market in 2015.

First up, Hyundai is promising to use near-field communication (NFC) to allow drivers to use their smartphones instead of a key or remote-control device in order to lock and unlock their cars.

Once the phone is placed in the centre console, it activates the driver’s individual profile and the car adopts and displays his or her personal music choices, phone contacts, radio station preferences and individual profile settings.

The phone’s battery is also recharged wirelessly, saving the hassle of remembering to take the right charging cable on a long trip. Hyundai will use MirrorLink to allow applications and content to be controlled via the car’s in-dash screen.

Allan Rushforth, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Hyundai Motor Europe, said: “Hyundai’s Connectivity Concept showcases the brand’s philosophy of making tomorrow’s technology accessible. With this technology, Hyundai is able to harness the all-in-one functionality of existing smartphone technology, integrating it into everyday driving.

“As the technology develops there will be capabilities to store drivers’ seating positions and exterior mirror settings, providing  a comfortable and individual driving environment.”

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Ralph Morton

Ralph Morton

Ralph Morton is an award-winning journalist and the founder of Business Car Manager (now renamed Business Motoring). Ralph writes extensively about the car and van leasing industry as well as wider fleet and company car issues. A former editor of What Car?, Ralph is a vastly experienced writer and editor and has been writing about the automotive sector for over 35 years.

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