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'A bit of a Rupert' has become a cliché for a certain sort of Englishman - now he's been caught speeding.


Be aware, be very aware you business car managers. If any of your company car drivers are named Rupert, check out their driving licences.

Drivers with the first name Rupert are top of the list for those likely to be caught speeding.

And while Juliet might be pining for her Romeo, she’s clearly in too much of a hurry to get to her date to notice speed limits…or the following police car.

Top 10 men’s names for speeding Top 10 women’s names for speeding
1 Rupert 1 Juliet
2 Julian 2 Susannah
3 Piers 3 Justine
4 Giles 4 Deirdre
5 Justin 5 Alexis
6 Jon 6 Juliette
7 Huw 7 Phillipa
8 Guy 8 Miranda
9 Grahame 9 Kaye
10 Jeremy 10 Adrienne

For men it’s Rupert, for women Juliet – the most likely names to be going too fast behind the wheel. And get caught!

Such critical business car manager news has been unearthed by Diamond, a specialist in women’s car insurance.

The car insurance company says that the top five men’s names with a penchant for excess speed are Rupert, Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin; for women with a heavy right foot (from a dainty shoe, of course) are Juliet, Susannah, Justine, Deirdre and Alexis.

  • The minimum fine for speeding is £60 plus three points on your driving licence.

So who do these speedsters work for? Surgeons and chartered surveyors top the list of professions most likely to have been clocked speeding, says Diamond insurance, followed by area sales managers, commercial chairmen and chiropractors.

Diamond managing director, Sian Lewis, commented: “Our research does indicate that people with certain names and occupations are more likely to have a speeding conviction than others. It was most surprising to see surgeons and other well-qualified professions top the list of occupations most likely to have a speeding conviction.

The research considered first names and occupations which appeared 500 times or more in 3 million policies. And it’s worth remembering that statistics like these can have an impact on your business car insurance.

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