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Jaguar XE 2.0 i4 163 R-Sport review

What is it?

Jaguar’s new baby the XE, a 3-Series and A4 challenger, in mid-range R-Sport trim and fitted with the low power 163PS 2.0-litre diesel that gets under the magic 100g/km CO2 barrier.

Is it better than the Audi and BMW? We hit the road to find out.

What’s hot?

  • Neat, handsome and subtle best sum up the XE’s exterior styling. Our favourite design features of Jaguar’s baby are the bold headlights with LED sidelights and the latest version of the family grille. Then there’s the curvy, coupe-like roof line at the side and the F-Type-like rear lights at the back. R-Sport includes curvier bodykit – but is it too similar to its big brother, the new XF?
Jaguar XE 2.0 i4 R-Sport cockpit

Jaguar’s sporty cockpit

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  • The inside of the XE is equally classy, with the F-Type style wrap-around dashboard with its chrome highlights, sporty multi-function three-spoke steering wheel and centre console, dominated by the touch-screen infotainment and climate controls.
  • This XE is powered by Jaguar Land Rover’s new 2.0-litre Ingenium diesel in lowest 163PS form. Acceleration to 60mph takes just 7.9 seconds and the top speed is 132mph. However the figures that are going to be most interesting to business buyers are the 75mpg consumption figure, plus the 99g/km emissions. This puts this car into tax band A, with no charge for VED and the 17% charge.
  • Our XE was fitted with six-speed manual transmission that felt slick and snappy in use.
  • The XE drives really well too and the first thing you’ll notice is the precise steering that responds quickly to inputs. There’s also plenty of grip from the modest 17-inch wheels, with negligible body roll in corners.
  • Another positive of those 17-inch alloys is the impressively refined ride, although the XE is still stiff enough to feel sporty. The XE also features different driving modes selected by an Evoque-like push-button system – most comfortable is the normal mode and the most sporty being Dynamic.

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