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A NEW partnership between BCF Wessex and cap hpi will simplify whole-life-cost and tax comparisons.

The suite of whole-life-cost calculators and car comparators is rolled into one online toolkit called ‘Gensen’, which will be jointly offered by cap hpi and BCF Wessex, an automotive tax and finance consultancy and software development company.

Amanda Morgan, head of fleet sales, at cap hpi said: “It’s easy to make mistakes and not even realise when selecting a company car and the tax situation only serves to complicate matters further.

“There’s not a lot of help or advice available at the moment which means businesses have to either rely on in-house personnel or outsource to expensive advisors. Gensen has been designed for fleet operators or employees considering their next company car with cost, time-saving and simplicity in front of mind.

“Using Gensen’s array of tax calculators and comparators, users are not only guaranteed to choose the right cars for their fleet but also have the ability to see the true cost of a car across its whole life upfront.”

Gensen takes into account all the costs to be incurred over the time the vehicle is used, incorporating the different taxes that apply (depending on choice), running costs, depreciation, insurance and fuel costs.

Morgan added: “Gensen has been developed with the end-user firmly in mind. It really couldn’t be simpler to use. Choose which calculator is required from the icons presented, select the make and model from a drop-down list and the software instantly presents the findings. It really is that easy.”

Jeff Whitcombe of BCF Wessex said: “Gensen can instantly compare thousands of cars, customising calculations to suit the needs of the fleet operator or driver, whilst at the same time providing a full breakdown of costs against every choice made.

“Gensen compares the discounted whole life costs for leasing and purchasing the car over the contract term, and highlights the savings available from using the most cost-effective funding method, which in most cases is leasing. “