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Review: Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure Edition

What is it?

The Land Rover Defender 110 Adventure Edition is one of a trio of final limited-edition versions of the iconic Defender, which sadly dies shortly.

With all the extra off-road and luxury equipment fitted, should you be rushing to your Land Rover dealer to run one of the last Defenders on the company?

What’s hot?

  • The Defender’s iconic styling – there really is nothing else like it and it still looks great. As the name ‘Adventure Edition’ suggests, this Defender is aimed at those who like to off-road. As such it’s fitted with underbody protection, a snorkel to improve river wading, heavily-treaded Goodyear tyres and that chunky ‘Defender Expedition’ roof rack. You won’t miss the black highlights including the bonnet, grille, roof and rear door, plus unique LED projector headlights either.
  • Despite the exterior of the ‘Adventure Edition’ being aimed at serious off-roaders, the interior is the opposite – being the most luxurious Land Rover we’ve ever tried. Highlights include the high-backed front seats, leather trim including the dashboard and door trims and even a stereo with Bluetooth.
  • Just 600 of these ‘Adventure Edition’ versions of the Defender will be produced, so exclusivity and collectability are guaranteed, at a price…
  • Go for the biggest 110 and you get the extra practicality of a pair of foldable, full-size seats which are fine for children or shorter adults.

What’s not?

Defender 110 Adventure Edition

Dated design means cab compromises

  • The Defender’s original design can be traced back 68 years and despite updates, you have to accept the compromises of such an old design. The lack of elbow room, adjustable steering column and seat adjustment mean not every driver will get comfortable driving this Land Rover.
  • As we mentioned, there’s a trade-off for front legroom, as if you have the front seats right back there’s virtually no rear space for passenger’s knees. Boot space is impressive with the extra rear seats folded, less so with those in place. Plus, the heavy single rear door and limited all-round vision won’t suit everyone.
  • Driving the Defender is a bit of a shock after modern cars and off-roaders – it’s a very physical car and not one you can relax with. Worst feature is the slow steering, which can catch you out even making the smallest of movements. The Goodyear tyres give lots of grip in corners, but the worrying amount of bodyroll will put you off going any faster than pedestrian speeds. Then there’s the gearchange, which is at best slow and clunky moving through the six gears and reverse.