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LICENCE LINK has launched a new website, packed with helpful advice for fleets, informative articles, and tips on how to reduce the risk of driver compliance.

With over a decade of experience in providing driving licence, CPC and Tacho checks, the knowledgeable Birmingham-based team has built up a strong customer base, spanning almost every industry. Whether it’s Pizza Hut, City Councils, or international courier businesses, Licence Link has streamlined processes and reduced the risk of non-compliance for hundreds of HR teams across the UK.

The importance of driver compliance should not be overlooked – with severe consequences for employers that fail to comply. Licence Link’s new website outlines the risks, challenges, and consequences, along with providing advice for businesses about how to save valuable hours when keeping check of their drivers.

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Many employers are yet to use an automated licence checking tool like Licence Link. Instead, they allocate hours of time to check every driver manually. With potentially hundreds of drivers, it quickly adds up. With manual checking, there’s also the risk of mistakes when inputting driver data, which could delay the return of check results.

Licence Link’s new website makes it easy to understand the benefits of a secure and approved system. This ranges from reducing the risk of missed checks, winning back valuable hours, and getting results in real-time. Visitors can watch informative videos explaining the benefits of the digital tools in the system, and browse testimonials, to see exactly why employers favour Licence Link over manual checking.

Supported by their parent company – leading global automotive system provider, Pinewood Technologies – Licence Link has proven valuable for their vehicle retail customers. By applying their expertise in the motor trade, Licence Link has been able to offer dealers a timesaving, reliable solution for checking licences across their businesses. This is explained by Will Blackshaw, Dealer Principal of Blackshaws Garage:

“Before we started using Licence Link, I would have to chase over 50 staff for copies of their licences, in order to check them with the DVLA. We’d often find errors, whilst spending periods concerned about any potential unknown issues.

I can now relax knowing that everything is checked on a regular basis. This has removed a big admin task and given the business better protection for a very small cost. Licence Link really is an investment, and I would recommend any business of any size, with drivers, to utilise this system.”

The benefits of using an automated licence checking provider are significant – especially for larger companies or sizeable fleets. Licence Link’s new website offers valuable knowledge and advice to businesses that still check licences manually, or which seek advice on how to reduce the risk of missed checks.





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