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Mandatory speed limiters on UK cars – What do we know?

matt seymour yrblnyxk6fy unsplash
matt seymour yrblnyxk6fy unsplash


11 August 2022

There will be new speed limiting software known as intelligent speed assistance system (ISA) introduced on all new cars in Europe, including in the UK despite leaving the EU. So, what do we know about this type of software and what will its impact be on car insurance for motorists? Read on to find out.

Legal Requirement

The most notable thing about ISA is that it is a legal requirement in the UK (and in Europe) and started being fitted on new cars from July 6th, 2022. Officials are also currently looking at ways to fit older cars with the technology in a bid to make speeding a thing of the past.

What is a Speed Limiter & How Does it Work?

Speed limiters work by using GPS data and traffic-sign-recognition cameras to determine what the speed limit is in the area that you are driving. The system is then able to limit the engine’s power and speed to prevent you from going over the limit. If you are driving outside of the speed limit, there will be both auto and visual warnings until you start driving within the speed limit of the area.

Why Are They Being Introduced?

Speed limiters are being introduced in the UK in a bid to reduce the number of car accidents and fatalities in the UK. Car accidents and fatalities have been a concern in the UK for some time now with numbers plateauing over recent times as opposed to going down. Therefore, more is being done to tackle this issue and speed limiters could make a big difference with most vehicles capable of top speeds well over 70 mph on motorways. Additionally, the introduction of this technology could also benefit motorists in terms of ending speeding fines, improving fuel economy, and even bringing about cheaper car insurance.

How Will They Impact Car Insurance?

Following this, it is thought that speed limiters could help to lower car insurance for all. This is because speed limiters should reduce the number of accidents that are happening on the roads, which means that there is a lower risk of a claim being made. This means that those with multi-car insurance could make big savings on their car insurance if they are driving a car with a speed limiter.

The introduction of speed limiters could be a game-changer in the UK and in Europe and help to reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on the road. This impressive technology is currently being fitted on all new cars but could also become available for older cars in the near future, which could also help motorists by reducing car insurance premiums and preventing speeding fines from being an issue among other benefits.

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