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Maserati is gearing up for making more cars – and with the Ghibli V6 diesel, the brand is headed for the premium end of the exec saloon market, epitomised by the BMW 5 Series…


Maserati Ghibli 3.0 V6 Diesel 279PS Auto

What is it?

The first diesel Maserati; a four door saloon but (confusingly) somewhat shorter and a bit smaller than the other four door Maserati called the Quattroporte (which means ‘four doors’).

This is the start point of Maserati expanding its ownership proposition with a car to rival the BMW 5 Series with a sub £50k price tag.

Can it? Is it a viable alternative for a small business owner or SME director wanting something distinctly different?

Let’s find out.


…slight snag; they’ve taken the engine out of a Jeep