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If you’re a little late into a market, best do the job properly. The new A-Class is an infinitely better car than the old one and now Mercedes has launched this compact SUV on the same platform

Mercedes-Benz GLA 220 CDI 4MATIC AMG Line

What is it?

Mercedes enters the fast growing world of compact SUVs with the GLA, this new premium contender based on the A-Class.

The GLA arrives with all the style and attitude of the modern urbanised crossover/SUV (the distinction sometimes gets a little blurred).

In terms of size, it’s a few inches up on the A-Class so for those looking for extra degree of space/utility, topped off with a more ‘active’ out-doorsy image, here’s the GLA to fit that particular bill.


A salt mine is an odd venue for a car launch, but just to show it’s not a belated April fool, here’s the GLA underground

The A-Class connection means car-like running costs and company car tax (for the first time in a Mercedes SUV). All that plus generous kit levels, strong safety and high class Mercedes presentation, inside and out, combines to put the GLA on the map.

Launching in the UK with two 2.1-litre diesel engines and one 2.0-litre petrol, the GLA, like many of its kind, is not specifically set up to venture off-road.

There again, with most GLAs likely to hit the market with Mercedes’ 4MATIC 4WD system on board, there will be some measure of go-anywhere ability on tap (as the UK media recently discovered when, in a hugely enterprising twist, Mercedes press-launched the GLA deep underground in a working salt mine! A truly amazing, other worldly course the GLA handled with ease, by the way…)

There are two model lines – SE and AMG Line – and no fewer than seven option packs to let you personalise the GLA.

Here we’re looking at the GLA that’ll likely resonate well with business users, which is to say the GLA 220 CDI 4MATIC. We also get to try it in upspec AMG Line trim. So, is it the biz?


Of course it’s not a full blown off-roader, but the GLA comes with Mercedes’ 4MATIC transmission that’ll get you home in the ice and snow next winter




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