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Mercedes, C-Class, saloon

Mercedes are expecting 65 per cent of sales to come from business buyers.

MERCEDES is already signalling a big expansion to its just-launched fourth-generation C-Class range.

The starting line-up includes one petrol engine option, the 184 PS two-litre C 200, and two diesels, the C 220 BlueTEC (170 PS) and the C 250 BlueTEC (204 PS), and three trim levels – SE Sport and AMG Line.

By September, though, Mercedes plans to add a new entry-level diesel, the 1.6-litre C200 BlueTEC, set up to deliver either 115 or 136 PS, and a C 300 BlueTEC diesel hybrid using a drivetrain similar to that found in the existing E and S-Class diesel hybrids.

In the C-Class, the combination of a 204 PS diesel engine and a 27 horsepower electric motor is expected be good for a combined 72.4 MPG, even better than the 70.6 MPG and 65.7 MPG of the 220 and 250 diesels respectively.

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