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MINI Clubman Cooper SD All4

What is it:

Like the idea of a big MINI Clubman, but want or need the extra security of all-wheel drive? Well, up until now, the Countryman was the only option – but if you don’t want a MINI SUV, you’ll be pleased to know there is now another alternative in the MINI Clubman Cooper SD All4.

The launch of ALL4 versions of the biggest New MINI, the quirky, Volkswagen Golf-rivalling F55 Clubman estate, now gives you that choice.

Available in petrol Cooper S and diesel Cooper SD versions, we took the Cooper SD on a mega 300-mile European drive.

What’s hot?

  • The 190bhp version of the 2.0-litre Twinpower diesel engine, which on top of the performance, justifies its ’S’ badging with 400Nm of torque and 0-62mph acceleration in 7.2 seconds, a top speed of 138mph, plus scarcely believable 129g/km emissions. All with standard eight-speed Steptronic automatic transmission, as there’s no manual option with the SD.
  • Outside, we like the subtle transformation from two to four-wheel drive. Already an interesting looking car, the only clues that this MINI is something a bit different from other Clubmans are the subtle ‘All4’ logos that are almost lost on the front doors and there is a new Digital Blue paint that’s released at the same time as these all-wheel drive versions.
  • Inside, if you hadn’t noticed the subtle ‘All4’ badging, you could be forgiven for thinking this is just a regular Clubman, as it has the same grown up, high-quality feel as the standard car. Although our car’s interior certainly benefits from the optional (£1,200) MINI Yours pack. This includes a hand-stitched Walk Napa leather steering wheel, matching Walk Nappa leather trim with braided piping and our favourite feature – the Union Jack, which is embroidered into the rear of the headrest, which is a nice touch.
Inside the MINI Clubman Cooper SD All4

Inside the MINI Clubman

  • Another positive of the All4 version of this latest Clubman, is that despite all the new kit underneath, the big MINI estate remains as practical as before. Those neat twin rear doors open up to reveal the same 360-litre boot and that can be extended to 1,250 litres with the split rear seats folded down.
  • The launch of the Clubman All4 also sees the introduction of a new version of the All4 four-wheel drive system. To keep the efficiency up that MINI are known for, this on-demand all-wheel drive system means that the Clubman All4 is a two-wheel drive car most of the time. However, the All4 system which works via the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), monitors road conditions and via the Electronic Differential Lock Control (EDLC) can distribute the drive torque between the front and rear wheels instantly and precisely considering the road situation at all times. So, should you be driving your Clubman All4 on a wet or snowy road, or maybe attacking a corner in typical MINI-style, the DSC would identify this and activate the all-wheel drive system.

Want to know more about the Clubman All4?

  • Pushing the Clubman hard is where we first notice the All4 all-wheel drive system doing its work. Like the standard car, the extra length and width go together to make it feel more unwieldy than the hatch – however, what is welcome and new and confidence-inspiring is the grippier feel at the rear of this car. In fact, as we went faster into the corners, we could feel the extra traction of the All4 system tightening the line of this MINI.
  • The other noticeable difference in the Clubman All4’s handling over the standard cars we’ve already driven had nothing to do with the driveline. It was the fact that our early German test car was running on smaller 17-inch Vent Spoke alloys and non-run flat tyres. Why, well with that wheel and tyre combination, the ride was much improved over the 18s, feeling even more refined and composed. There was even less road noise, making motorway work less tiring.
  • Another Clubman Cooper SD handling highlight is the same as the standard car – the steering, which feels impressively agile and responsive.

What’s not?

  • Like the standard Clubman, the Cooper SD All4’s extra length and width are obvious when you hit the first corner and the F55 and F56 hatches are still the more dynamic drives.
  • MINI still reckons 50% of buyers will choose the high-value Chili pack when buying their new Clubman. This makes sense as it has all the equipment business buyers will ever need. But at an eye-watering £2,785, you’ll have to pay for it! Add this to the Cooper SD’s strong £27,390 base price and with a couple of options, it’s easy to break the £30,000 barrier – our test car with options listed at over £33,000 – ouch!

Verdict on the MINI Clubman Cooper SD All4:

So, does the Clubman All4 offer something genuinely new or is it a case of just filling a new market segment?

Want a MINI Clubman with minimal tax?

  • Read about the 99g/km version for SMEs here

Yes it does genuinely offer something new, as the extra traction of the All4 system adds welcome extra handling security to the fun-to-drive Clubman package – yet practicality is unaffected.

On top of the practicality and appeal, even in range-topping Cooper SD form, with its 129g/km emissions and 25% charge, this MINI should be affordable on the Business Car pocket with it available for around £330 per month on a business car lease.

MINI Clubman Cooper SD All4

The Low Down…..

Doors and body style Six-door Estate
Engine/gearbox: Eight-speed automatic
CO2 Emissions:  129g/km
Economy:  58.9mpg
Power/torque:  190BHP/ 400Nm
0-62mph/top speed:   7.2secs/ 138mph
Insurance group:  22

…..and what it costs

P11D Value £ 27,355
Monthly business rental (ex VAT) From £328.65 (4yrs/60,000 miles)
Road tax (VED) D
Company Car Tax Bands 2016/17 to 2018/19  25%, 27%, 29%
Benefit in kind 2016/17 to 2018/19  £6,839, £7,386, £7,933
Annual/Monthly fuel benefit (20%) £1,110 /£92.50
Annual/Monthly fuel benefit (40%) £2,220 /£185
Annual/monthly company car tax (20%) £1,368 /£114
Annual/monthly company car tax (40%) £2,736 /£228
Figures correct at time of posting June 2016
For latest figures Use our company car tax calculator
The distinctive twin rear doors of the practical MINI Clubman Cooper SD All4

The distinctive twin rear doors of the practical MINI Clubman




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