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Murray Walker talks to ICFM chairman Roddy Graham

Murray Walker (left) tells ICFM chairman Roddy Graham about the various company cars he’s owned. Ralph, meanwhile, continues his photographic endeavours…


ALSO at the ICFM Conference today (13 November 2012) was F1 commentator extraordinaire Murray Walker (see previous blog, The challenges of choosing your company car in the future).

Murray, full of enthusiasm, was explaining to a group of us over a coffee break some of his company cars.

“My very first company car was an Austin A40. How about that!” said Murray.


Others included the Vauxhall Firenze and his current company car, a BMW X3.

Austin A40

Austin A40 _ Murray’s first company car!

What was your first company car?

Here’s mine: a Fiat 127. With a capricious attitude to starting in cold or wet weather…

That was a long time ago. Our current Car of the Year is Ford Focus EcoBoost – see Best company car.

This year, though, we’re launching our brand new SME Company Car of the Year Awards in association with MAGMA Automotive. Who will win?

We can’t wait to judge the entries.

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