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TMC mileage app

The Mileage Audit app records business mileage and even allows company car drivers to upload copies of fuel receipts and travel expenses

THERE’S a new smartphone app on the market – which comes with a promise to reduce business mileage costs.

Launched by TMC it connects to the company’s award-winning Mileage Audit system.

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The Mileage Audit app guarantees results for new customers – TMC says that if Mileage Audit doesn’t save new businesses twice the cost of the service TMC will refund the difference.

TMC, Europe’s leading Mileage Audit and Fuel Expense Management specialist, says its system is already used by more than 120,000 drivers in the UK and Europe.

The free app runs on Android, Apple, BlackBerry and Windows phones and can be downloaded from online app stores or the TMC website.


How does the Mileage Audit app work?

Journeys recorded by the app are uploaded directly to the driver’s account on the TMC Mileage Audit system, which checks the business mileage entries for accuracy and processes reimbursement data.

If needed the app will upload photographs of fuel receipts taken with the phone’s camera, and there’s even an optional expenses module allowing employees to record meal, travel and accommodation costs.

Paul Jackson, Managing Director of TMC, said: “Smart phone apps are revolutionising the way businesses handle fuel and business mileage. Now that two out of three people in the UK carry a smartphone, every business can log its employees’ mileage easily and accurately, and without having to invest in costly fixed or plug-in technology in their vehicles.

“In our experience drivers are more than happy to install the app on their personal handset if their company doesn’t yet issue app-enabled business phones. ”

He stressed, however, that business mileage capture apps are only as good as the system they connect to.

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