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New cars’ high crash rate

  • 10 per cent of accidents in 2015 involved 15 and 65-plate cars
  • Estimated 196,000 minor and serious new car accidents
  • New car accidents occur 57th day after registration on average
  • New car prangs generate £402 million repair revenue

THE NEED for businesses to have accident management cover is highlighted by a new report showing 10% of all crashes last year – fault and non-fault – involved new 15 and 65-plate vehicles.

According to a study by Accident Exchange, accident-prone buyers tended to prang their 15 and 65-plate cars on the 57th day after it was first registered, when averaged out. Over 12 months, accident repairs generated £402 million of remedial work revenue based on the Accident Exchange calculations.

In fact, 32% of all 15 and 65-plate accidents happened within just two months of ownership.

The crash statistics recorded by the accident management firm occurred between March 2015 and the end of February 2016. With an estimated 2.2 million accidents – minor and serious – occurring annually, that implicates 196,000 2015-plate vehicles.

The average cost of repair of accident-damaged vehicles was £2,050, meaning all 15 and 65-plate remedial work generated £402 million in revenue for workshops and bodyshops if retained within the network.

The research once again underlines the importance of post-accident support including speedy provision of replacement vehicles, when leasing or hiring, and the need for top quality repairs to maintain residual values.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, director of operations at Accident Exchange, commented: “Any accident is a traumatic and emotional affair for the owner and passengers, but this increases for those driving brand new vehicles usually costing a lot of money.

“It is vital that the messages of manufacturer approved processes, equipment and technicians are communicated to all customers – long-standing and new – in order to protect the integrity of the vehicle and return it to factory finish condition.

“An efficient accident management programme will make the process dramatically easier for the driver and help retain the repair work within the network, which in turn boosts retention and revenue.”

Furthermore, historic research by Accident Exchange has found that up to 63% of motorists involved in an accident will purchase a new car within six months.

The study examined 35,800 incidents recorded by Accident Exchange between February 2015 and January 2016.