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The Dacia Dister and the Dacia Sandero

Dacia is offering low monthly payments on the Duster and the Sandero


RENAULT’S budget brand Dacia has already made quite a splash with its low list prices but now it’s promising that the cars will be cheap to finance as well.

In fact, it says that the Sandero supermini will be the UK’s cheapest car to finance with monthly payments as low as £69 on the Dacia Dimensions PCP scheme.

That figure is based on a car in entry level Access trim for £5,995, a deposit of £1,845 and an APR of 9.4 per cent over a period of 48 months. The total amount payable is £7,106.

Alternatively, a smaller deposit of £699 combined with an APR of 9.9 per cent produces a monthly payment of £99.

Dacia has already opened the order books for the Sandero and its larger stablemate, the Duster SUV, which starts at £8,995; the Duster is available for £99 per month and a deposit of £3,179. The first Dacias will arrive with UK customers early in the new year.

Dacias also get a three year/60,000 miles warranty, with three years/60,000 miles roadside assistance as well. Customers can also opt for a five year/60,000 miles or seven year/100,000 miles upgrade for £395 and £850 respectively. The five-year warranty extension can also be bought for a £5 per month add-on when a Sandero or Duster is bought on a five year hire purchase plan. All in all, an attractive prospect if your business needs some low cost company cars.

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