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Ferrari: Going green but still not on many company car lists, yet

Author: Robin Roberts

It may not be on every company car list, but a new generation Ferrari V12 will definitely make drivers green with envy and efficiency.

Ferrari has confirmed it will use F1 developed KERS technology to slash exhaust emissions and hit CO2 targets without having to compromise on engine layout.

At the launch of the 200mph Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in the Geneva show earlier this month, Ferrari made a reference to the future use of V12 engines in its range by describing the car as “the first in a new generation of V12s”.

The KERS system has given it the opportunity to keep V12s in its line-up and Ferrari boss Amedeo Felisa has said it will be the basis for future developments on emissions and efficiency.

“Our hybrid system won’t just be about creating power, but saving energy, too. Yes, that technology is expensive today, but the road ahead is open and evolution will bring down the cost and weight disadvantages,” he has commented on this business car news.

“I’m not saying when, but it is possible that this technology will be on all Ferraris. It has been designed to fit all our future architecture, and if we go ahead it will be fitted as standard. It is not the sort of thing you offer as an option.”

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