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The estate version of the new Mercedes C-Class will go on sale in September

HOT on the heals of the new Mercedes C-Class saloon (read our review) comes a first site of the new estate version which will go on sale in September.

New Mercedes C-Class Estate: more space, more luxury, less fuel

The rear seats split 40:20:40 for great versatility

Like the saloon it’s more luxurious than before, and crucially for an estate, it’s bigger too, despite being up to 65kg lighter.

Main beneficiaries will be the rear seat passengers who’ll have more leg and elbow room, and to make the most of the extra space, Mercedes has made things more flexible back there too with a 40:20:40 (think about it) split for the back seat.

The seat backs fold away at the touch of a button rather than a wrestle with levers.

The load space itself is also bigger than before, and beautifully flat when the seats are folded away.

None of which is obvious from the outside. The Merceses C-Class estate is just like the saloon at the front, but is completely re-designed from the ‘B’ pillar (the one between the front and rear doors) back. The look is sleek, sporty and not remotely lumpy and estate-like.

The engines are the same as found in the saloon. Mercedes says they all meet Euro VI emissions standards and are better than 20% more fuel efficient than in the old C-Class. It makes for a much better prospect as a business car.

A range of 4-cylinder diesels offer between 115 and 204hp, and at the top of the range there’s a diesel hybrid.

Three 4-cylinder petrol engines and one 6-pot with outputs from 156 to 333hp will also be available. A petrol hybrid will follow.

All the engines drive the back wheels, and there are configurable driving modes – Comfort, Eco, Sport or individually set – that change the driving characteristics according to your mood or the occasion.

New Mercedes C-Class Estate: more space, more luxury, less fuel

In spite of the extra space in the back, Mercedes has kept the lines sleek and sporty

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