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Used Saabs are finding big demand at auction since the Swedish car firm went into administration reports online car auction company CD Auction Group

Saab: gone but used car demand accelerates


Failed Swedish carmaker still loved on the used car market

SAAB. Alas, no longer with us, but always the car of choice by the individualist, the self-employed professional, small business owners and architects.

And there’s no holding the brand back.

There may be no more new Saabs being built since the firm went into in administration, but demand for used Saabs is getting turbocharged.

Online car auctioneers CD Auction Group says ex-fleet Saab saloons and estates sold since the start of the year have attracted brisk bidding and fetched well above their current ‘book’ values.

“Saab has always had a loyal following but many dealers were wary of buying cars for stock, especially when there was uncertainty about the future of the company,” said Roger Woodward, CD Auction Group managing director.

“Bizarrely, now it seems likely they are going out of business, the cars are achieving a rarity value. Traders are worried there won’t be many around.

“Any cars we do get are selling and they are achieving good money.”

Roger reckons the car maker that popularised the turbocharger could get a further boost in the spring as the open top season commences, and people start thinking about Cabriolets.

“The Saab 9-3 Cabrio is still one of the best looking four-seat soft top cars on the market and is always a popular spring-time purchase,” added Roger.

Elsewhere, CD Auction Group reported the used car market as ‘patchy’ though trade did pick up markedly in the last couple of weeks of January.

“Last year ended strongly but the first couple of weeks of 2012 were slow,” said Roger. “Having said that, dealers are prepared to bid and pay top value for some specific cars and vans that they want. It’s very hard to predict.

“Certainly the first few months of the year are going to be marked by a lack of supply which is simply a factor of the falling new car market three and four years ago. That will keep values high because the right vehicles will be in demand. I think it could be May or June before they start to ease back.”

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