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Lightfoot eyes up £1m of rewards for 2024

Using audible and visual nudge psychology, developed in association with the University of Bath, Lightfoot’s in-cab device keeps drivers in the sweet spot of their engine, guiding them toward their weekly target of becoming Elite Drivers, which unlocks access to a host of weekly prize draws. 

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What’s the real impact of VED changes for fleets switching to electric?

To support them in their journey to greater sustainability, the UK government has implemented financial incentives to help promote electric vehicle (EV) adoption, including tax exemptions and grants. These include support with EV chargepoint installation, Clean Air Zone (CAZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) exemption, and a host of tax benefits.

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On-street charging increases but the pace needs to pick up

 The new UK Government statistics, published quarterly by the Department for Transport (DfT), show that the total number of on-street chargers across the UK has increased by more than two thirds from 1st October 2022 to 1st October 2023, and has jumped by more than a quarter (27.57%) in the last three months alone.

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SMEs face funding challenge

There are funding options open through dealers, including the highly regarded VAT Assist option for LCVs, which has proved a big hit in helping businesses manage their cash flow. The flexibility also extends to vehicle age and fleet size, with businesses able to fund a fleet from one vehicle upwards.

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Roundtable to cover range of fleet issues

Topics under discussion will include How to Reduce the Commercial Impact of Vehicle Off-road Times; The Effects and Implications of the 2035 EV Deadline Delay; EV Chargers and Recharging Challenges; Why Outsource?; and The Advantages of Data Driven Fleets.

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Fleets should consider training to counter EV tyre wear

The data behind this is still relatively scarce and much of what we are hearing is anecdotal but it seems as through the range of wear you can expect from different driving styles is wider for EVs than you would see for petrol or diesel. The reasons for this are, it appears, the facts that EVs tend to be much heavier, model-for-model than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and often offer faster acceleration

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Are you ready to ‘Go Electric’ with Greenarc?

Greenarc Vehicles offers a unique fully managed company car scheme designed to alleviate the complexities of fleet management and support you and your drivers on the transition to electric vehicles. Whether you are a small business with a handful of vehicles, an SME seeking to establish and oversee a company car scheme, or a company interested in implementing an electric vehicle (EV)

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Licence Check launches driver app within coaching module

As part of the DAVIS platform, the new Coaching module is designed to provide fleet and other line managers with a clear indication of driver attitude and knowledge by rating drivers as ‘excellent’, ‘good’, ‘watch’ or ‘action’ based upon their responses and willingness to learn. Clients also have the added benefit of demonstrating proactivity in minimising occupational road risk by improving knowledge and awareness amongst their driver pool, which could lead to a reduction in insurance premiums.

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Mazda’s EV gets an engine – a rotary one

The big advantage of a rotary is that it is small and light (the MX-30’s is of just 83occ), which in turn makes it very smooth. And as an electrical generator it really comes into its own – the principle is just the same as hydro-electric, nuclear, even wind turbines. The battery in the MX-30 R-EV is at just 188 kilos much smaller and lighter again than that in the standard all-electric version, and as such it offers a maximum range of just 53 miles. But the ability to automatically recharge adds another potential 350 miles removes any range anxiety a potential owner might have.

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Government EV delay is ‘pragmatic’ – Mazda boss

There appear to be several reasons for consumers being put off making the electric switch including the cost of living, the Government removing incentives to buy an EV, falling residual values, the cost of electricity and concern about the charging infrastructure and battery range of EVs.

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Volkswagen ID.7 now available to order

Retail customers ordering an ID.7 from 9 November 2023 until 2 January 2024 can get a free Ohme wall charger, or £750 in charging credit from We Charge by Elli, the Volkswagen Group-owned public charging network. Customers can choose between a 7 kW Ohme Home Pro charger (five-metre tethered cable) or a 7 kW ePod charger (untethered), while the £750 charging credit is valid for up to three years.

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Fleets need to work with insurers on EVs

Industry body says that evidence from its members indicates that some insurers have recently been increasing premiums for EVs, based on what appears to be incorrect and, in some instances, irrelevant information. The repair profile of Teslas is applicable only to Teslas, in the same way as any other manufacturer, and has very little relevance to commercial vehicles. Fleets and insurers need to be working together to create a situation where premiums can be calculated based on much better and directly applicable data.

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Consumer Duty increasing the role for smart insurance

Minior damage can hit a drivers’ no-claims bonuses, and that claim can ultimately prove costly and frustrating because of insurance excesses reaching up to £300.The combination of minor car damage risks that confront all car buyers, not least of all PCP and PCH finance customers who face the potential of end-of-agreement excess wear and tear damage charges, all point to the potential afforded by Smart insurance.

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SME’s must focus on safety when equipping fleet vehicles 

Businesses need to take into consideration how their vehicles are used, including the working environment and the payload of the goods and equipment they are carrying. Crucially, these need to be considered prior to any conversion.  Organisations also need to make sure staff are equipped with the knowledge they need to operate the vehicle and the on-board equipment

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Ayvens reaches half-a-million EVs on the road

At the end of 2022, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan operated a combined fleet of 380,000 EVs and, in less than nine months, Ayvens reached this landmark figure, with Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) representing a clear majority of the overall EV fleet. This significant increase illustrates the effectiveness of Ayvens’ business model in facilitating the adoption of EVs, notably in corporate fleets, and confirms its leading role in the transition to sustainable mobility.

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Home working lengthens vehicle contracts

The 2023 Arval Mobility Observatory Barometer surveyed businesses who have introduced or extended working-from-home since the start of the pandemic. It found that the move towards contract extensions is more pronounced among larger companies with more than 1,000 employees (38%) compared to the smallest with fewer than 10 (24%).

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Herd Group reveals new mobility brand name

The new brand move reflects the vehicle rental and fleet management specialist’s significant growth and development since the business was founded in 2014. An expert in the provision and management of Commercial Vehicles, Herd Group is a respected and leading brand, recognised as a leader in providing exceptional customer care.

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New foundation course created by AFP Fleet Academy

Two-day trainer-led course covers topics including fleet sector roles and responsibilities, opportunities and challenges; supporting customers and other stakeholders; core elements of fleet administration including compliance; understanding key terms and processes; developing communication skills; and vehicle lifecycle from acquisition to disposal. A register of interest has been opened and it is planned to hold the first courses in early 2024.

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Cool cruiser: Audi A6 Avant 50 TFSI e quattro S tronic 220 kW (299PS)

The A6 PHEV brings together a 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol engine with an electric motor integrated into the seven-speed twin-clutch transmission. The e-motor draws power from a 14.1kWh lithium-ion battery which is good for a claimed 34 miles of electric-only running at speeds of up to 84mph. This largely depends on driving conditions. Recent trips in the dark and pouring rain knocked about 10 miles off that range, but at least you have the comfort of a good old ICE engine to rely on getting you where you want to go.

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Europcar Mobility Group accelerates green initiatives

Introducing an increasing number of plug-in hybrid and fully electric battery vehicles for private or business rental – including the Tesla Model 3, MG4, ORA Funky Cat and the high-spec Mercedes Benz EQ electric range – Europcar is helping motorists try EV technology before making a long-term commitment.

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