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Fate is cruel sometimes. Even if you take all the necessary precautions when you drive, you will sometimes get into situations where you get into accidents. This is not a new thing to happen. Almost everyone gets into a car accident at least once in their life.

That’s not to say that getting into a car accident is a minor thing. No matter how soft the impact or how safe you are, this will ultimately result in damages to your vehicle. Thinking about the cost of the repairs and the time you’ll spend getting them will definitely give you a huge headache. So you better be on the lookout for the cheapest and best option you can take for repairs.

Don’t Leave The Damage

Lower Resale Price

Let’s be honest: cars sell like candy these days, much like any other commodity or product. The best option for most is to sell your current one at the best possible price and then save up for a newer model. If your car gets dented after a car accident and you leave it unrepaired, your resale value drops dramatically. The damage will not only affect the body of the car but also the look of it.


When you leave a dent or a scratch on your car, you will be opening it up for corrosion. Nothing looks more horrible than spreading rust on your car. This will not only affect how sleek your car looks but also the internal parts that might get water-damaged. This could give way to more repairs that would cost you dearly.

Paintless Dent Repair: What is it?

You can try paintless dent repair through these easy steps for minor damage to your car.

  1. Analysis of the damage is vital to make the necessary repairs.
  2. Removal of the area panel around the site will follow to gain access to the underside where repairs will be applied.
  3. The application of low and steady pressure on the dent will make it pop back into place. This is carefully done to avoid distortion of the original flow and design of the car.

This course of action is quick, easy to do, and the best option you should take to repair minor dents. This is highly recommended for small to moderate dents in a car without extreme damage. A highly qualified shop or service centre, might be able to help you with stuff such as dent repair and other repair jobs on your car.

Pros And Cons


  • It’s fast and easy to do at home or in a professional automobile shop
  • Can be applied to minor dings and dents on your car
  • Best for minimal hail damage, minor car accident, car door dings
  • Keeps the car design and paint job
  • Keeps your car at higher market value on resale


  • Not best when paint chipping or peeling is present
  • Can’t repair deep damages
  • Can cause stretching on metal if done wrong
  • Will make your resale price lower than market value

What To Consider When You DIY

Doing it yourself can be very scary. But, sometimes, when you’re on a tight budget, doing it yourself feels like it’s the only option. So before you start hammering away or readying your plunger, you better know what you need to do before you do it.

Things To Have

You need to prepare some tools and kits. First, you need to have a hammer, some pry bars, and some clamps. You’ll be needing these for the actual repair itself. You need to have a mounted light source on or close to your car for the best visibility. You will also need specialised tools for removing lights, door panels, and splash guards.

What Happens Now?

When you’re going through with your own repairs, the panels will be your worst enemy. A double-wall or support beams can give you a hard time, so do it nice and slow. Since panels are not the same in every car, you may have to remove body trim, so be on the lookout for that.

Your tools are your best friends when doing this job, so try to familiarise yourself with each one. Try to work slow and steady when dealing with dents. Don’t overcorrect the dents or you’ll stretch out the metal body.

If the dents seem too large and you’re just a beginner, you can turn that over to a professional. If you have some experience dealing with dents, then a soft and skilled touch is all you need. If repainting is unavoidable, be sure to use as little putty to get the best results for the job.


Getting your car dents professionally fixed is a major headache to deal with. It can cost you a lot of money and it will take up too much of your time waiting to finish the repairs. A little do-it-yourself repair is always a great option if your car damage or dents are minimal. Just make sure you follow the proper way to do it and avoid even more damage to your awesome car.

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