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SILVEY FLEET has launched a new card which now provides the ability for users to pay for electric vehicle (EV) charging as well as refuelling with hydrogen, petrol and diesel.

This new offering has been introduced to allow Managers to easily incorporate fully electric and/or hybrid vehicles into their fleets and control the use of all types of fuel on a single payment card.  

The new card, which offers all the benefits of an existing fuel card, will enable fleet managers to pay for EV charging across a multi-branded charging network such as ESB EV Solutions, Engenie, and Source London, amongst others.

Additionally, the new combined payment card solution provides access to the largest fuel network in the UK, helping users to save across the Discount Diesel network.

It also provides one HMRC-compliant invoice for all transactions.

Ever since the UK government announced it’s commitment to phase out petrol and diesel cars by 2030, fleet owners and managers have been considering how they can incorporate fully zero emission and electric vehicle alternatives into their fleets.  

To help fleet managers make the right decision about making the transition or not and ensure they get a vehicle capable of doing a similar route, Silvey Fleet now not only offers an EV payment solution, but also provides an accompanying  consultancy service alongside to ensure are customers have all the information they need to make well informed decisions

Managing Director Miriam James said: “We are committed to providing the right products for our customers along with a service specifically designed to help fleet operators understand which Diesel and/or petrol vehicles could be easily replaced with an electric alternative.

As a result of the close association we have with our customers, our team can, in conjunction with fleet management, create a fleet electrification plan that meets the needs of the company.

Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment

As Miriam notes, “Silvey Fleet is not alone in offering an Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessment, which represents, not only a new direction but also a natural extension to the services we currently offer. Our vision, to be the best fleet management solution provider, is a constant.”  

During the past five years we have been researching and embracing new technologies which we believe will provide fleet managers with a wide range of useable information using data compiled through our own mobile app – Miles Monitor. We can equally use information from a fleet’s existing telematics system. By analysing the entire fleet’s driving habits and routes we are in a much better position to help them choose the right electric alternatives.”

EV Investment 

As part of the assessment, Silvey Fleet will identify the procurement and installation costs – exploring how they could be spread and identifying where the advantage of any tax benefits or incentives could be taken.

Most importantly, they will be able to project how switching, or adding an EV, to a fleet will save the company money through less maintenance and lower tax, when compared with traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Access to a growing EV Charge Point Network

One of the drawbacks to EV usage by fleets has been a combination of range capability and the extent and availability of the charge point network. To address this, Silvey Fleet has partnered with AllStar to become a reseller of their One Electric fuel card. This versatile fuel card incorporates all fuels thus allowing fleets the option of paying for all the fuels they use with just one card, be that diesel, petrol, hydrogen or electric charging. 

“We are really excited to be able to offer fleets the opportunity to pay for electric charge points using a fuel card,” confirms Miriam. “Not only will EV drivers has access to a growing nationwide, multi-brand, electric charging network, but the same single fuel card can be used irrespective of how they are fuelled.  

By having just one fuel card, fleet managers not only have a complete overview of their fleet, but also all transactions will appear on one invoice – resulting in less administration time being spent compiling data or paying multiple suppliers.”



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