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R2C Lite has been created to eliminate labour-intensive administration processes, aid compliance and increase business productivity for SME fleets running HGVs, vans, trucks, trailers and more, many of which will be currently using paper-based systems or spreadsheets.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, going digital became a vital necessity, and the adoption of digitisation processes during the pandemic has really brought home to many fleets of all sizes the advantages of using fleet software and the disadvantages of persisting with spreadsheets or paper.

The type of collaborative, often home-based working that current conditions are dictating just isn’t really possible without some kind of technological intervention. Recognising that the smaller fleets market was poorly served by fleet software providers, r2c Online has designed a new, lower-cost software package that offers many of the key features of its established, full-featured product but with a simplified onboarding process and a quicker, self-paced training course.

Thanks to r2c lite, smaller operators of commercial vehicles can benefit from centralised, cloud-based fleet management system in exactly the same way as the largest businesses, achieving better managerial control, improved efficiency and enhanced compliance. The support that r2c lite provides to SMEs covers all the key areas of fleet management:

  • Driver Pre-Use Checks; Driver app monitors drivers pre-use activities making sure each of the vehicles on the road is 100% compliant. Users can complete checks on a mobile device as part of their daily routine. There’s no paperwork to thumb through, just one digital checklist that reports to the platform in real time.
  • Defect management; Once a driver report comes into the Driver module, any defects discovered during inspection will be flagged via the Defect tool. With defect management being fully automated, any defect can be approved with only a couple of clicks, and a job sheet – created for a workshop to action or resolve the defect locally.
  • Maintenance management: with inbuilt quality checks & real-time alerts no maintenance tasks get missed, helping to keep a fleet compliant and safe at all times.
  • Network tool helps to choose a repairer within a user’s network to allocate a defect and allows to invite a new workshop to the network before assigning the task.
  • Digital document library; have all the members of your team connected and updated thanks to the consolidated document storage. Information is easily accessed and shared, mitigating risks of missed services, lost documents and incorrect scheduling.

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