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What is it?


It’s an MG, but not as we knew it. Long-gone are the British-built roadsters, GTs, Midgets, Metro Turbos and TFs.

The latest MGs play on the heritage, but the models are much more mainstream and built in China by now owner Shanghai Automotive Industries (SAIC).

The Chinese are certainly keeping up with the trends and producing very capable electric vehicles, of which the MG ZS EV long range is one.

With a range of up to 263 miles and good levels of standard equipment, the MG ZS EV Long Range is one of the best value EVs on the market and comes with a seven-year warranty and fresh, recently revised styling.

It offers low BIK costs for users thanks to its low cost of entry, from £30,495. For SME users it offers BIK rates of just 2%, which makes it an astonishingly inexpensive option for user-choosers, as well as that seven-year transferable warranty.

img 0749

MG’s dedicated fleet team offers regional support for SMEs and a personal service, while other advantages include a fast-growing dealer network for service and repairs and a dedicated fleet hotline.

MG has a dedicated team of Fleet Professionals that work directly with SME’s and the Franchised Network to offer various solutions for these customers. They are knowledgeable and experienced and understand all the latest BiK bands together with advice on the taxation benefits of MG cars. Whether they wish to Contract Hire, Finance or Outright Purchase, MG has a suite of support terms available to offer SME’s when looking to acquire a New MG Model.

MG is also making headwind when it comes to the UK market where it now outsells Renault. It’s a shame that the Government has pulled the EV grant which beforehand brought the price of the ZS down to just £28,500.

Even so, £30K and that long range mileage does make this car compelling, there’s little else around for that price and range.

What do we think?

That’s a difficult one. MG has not only been doing well in the UK market, its EVs have been finding favour with the judges in this year’s Business Motoring Awards.

img 0745The ZS EV is an adaptation of the petrol model, so there’s been a bit of shoe-horning, there’s added weight while retaining the original wheel/tyre combo has done little for the look of the car – old fashioned if you like.

But it does come with a smart new grille with the charging port placed right in the middle of it leaving little doubt that this is an EV.

Inside there’s a new centre-dash screen which brings with it the latest in navigation, connectivity, electric consumption info and phone mirroring. The graphics are nice and clear although some controls take some finding with a row of switches low down below the screen.

Seating is spacious enough for four adults although maybe not the most comfortable with no tilt adjustment on the driver’s seat while the steering wheel cannot be adjusted for reach.

The cargo area is not huge, although lowering the rear seats provides ample space. The charging leads etc are tidily stowed beneath the boot floor and there’s a 2.2kW outlet in case you want to brew up in a layby with an electric kettle. img 0748

As for the drive, the motor has enough oomph for overtaking work and can take you right up to a claimed 108mph although you will start burning range at those sort of speeds.

While the 0.62mph time can be achieved un 8.4 seconds, this is often accompanied by wheelspin as traction is not the ZS’s strong point.

Apart from some noticeable bounce on the country lanes, the suspension feels otherwise comfortable bounce about a fair bit, and pitches and rocks. Only a bit more than those other two crossovers mind, but they represent a pretty low baseline.

Still, the suspension is extremely quiet, so for normal family driving this feels like a civilised machine.

MG ZS Long Range

P11D value: £30,495

Battery: 68.4kW

Range: 263 miles

BiK: 2%

CO2: 0g/kg



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