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Tyre safety and your duty of care



27 February 2014

Tyre tread is vital on wet roads so drivers should be especially mindful of tyre condition is poor weather


Hard to believe that a tyre this bad could have been in use on a high performance BMW. Not only was there no tread but the tyre carcass itself was exposed and damaged

SHOCKING images showing the state of tyres replaced by one independent dealer have sparked a stark warning to drivers and company car managers.

Tyre safety group TyreSafe says that drivers failing to look after and replace their tyres are risking lives while the company car managers that allow their drivers to drive with defective tyres are failing in their legal duty of care.

Images released by the tyre dealer included a tyre removed from a high performance BMW 3 Series that was so worn, none of its tread pattern remained, making it virtually useless in the wet.

The wear was so great on one shoulder of the tyre that it had started to destroy the integrity of the tyre carcass, with potentially fatal high speed consequences.

“This tyre was an accident waiting to happen,” says TyreSafe Chairman Stuart Jackson.

“Adequate tread depth is essential all year round, but particularly when we are experiencing so much rain.

“Checking your tyre tread depth is very simple and only takes a few minutes. It really is something that all drivers should do at least once a month to stay safe and legal.”

UK law requires car drivers to have at least 1.6mm of tread on their tyres across the central three quarters of the tyre around its entire circumference.

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Matt Morton

Matt Morton

Matt Morton is an automotive content writer for Business Car Manager

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