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The SEAT Leon ST Ecomotive is an attractive blend of neat looks, fine practicality and all with low running costs

A last minute offer of a Range Rover saw the SEAT Leon ST Ecomotive released from Collins family holiday duties.

I loved the Range Rover’s extra space, which also meant my son’s bike could come along for the journey and the built-in DVD system kept our children entertained on every trip.

However, I missed the SEAT Leon ST’s easy manoeuvrability and the fact that although the SEAT is a stylish car, it doesn’t attract so much unwanted attention as a Range Rover.

Despite not going on holiday, I’ve still had plenty of chances to test the SEAT Leon ST’s abilities.

New furniture saw me making a trip to the local dump, with the remains of some Swedish flat pack. With the rear seat folded, swelling the load area to an impressive 1,470 litres, it was enough for the SEAT Leon ST to not even break a sweat.

Plus a recent weekend trip to Cambridge highlighted the SEAT Leon ST’s spacious interior – where I found that two baby seats and Grandma will fit comfortably!

Apart from this, the SEAT Leon ST’s home has mainly been the motorway.

I’m pleased to report, that despite some shorter local trips denting the average MPG, at almost 2,000 miles, I’m still seeing over 50mpg.

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