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INTERNATIONAL services provider to the design and consulting industry, Stantec UK, has launched a flexible salary sacrifice scheme to encourage employees to replace ICE vehicles with an electric and hybrid alternative.

The scheme, in conjunction with EV salary sacrifice and fleet management specialist, Fleet Evolution, aims to encourage environmentally conscious modes of transport and behavioural change, and provides access to electric and hybrid vehicles to employees eligible to apply through Stantec’s internal benefits programme.

Current company car users have been advised that Stantec UK, which has 20 offices in the UK and is a part of a global consultancy with 350 locations and 22,000 employees around the world, does not intend to support a traditional company car fleet beyond the end of their current lease agreements.

Instead, eligible employees will receive a flexible benefit allowance which employees can choose to use towards more sustainable travel options.  The Fleet Evolution scheme will be available to all Stantec UK employees subject to usual salary sacrifice rules.

Employees will be able to lease up to two vehicles for two, three or four years. Subject to surveys, each lease holder will have an electric vehicle (EV) charge installed at their property, and for every five leases, there will be a charge point installed at a Stantec UK office ensuring employees can charge while at work and alleviate range anxiety.

Where there are longer lead times for electric or hybrid vehicles, short-term hire arrangements will be offered for interim periods, thus supporting the UK EV market.

The new scheme has been adapted as a response to the global pandemic and an increased environmental awareness, with Stantec committing to new carbon reduction objectives and targets.

Like millions of people around the world, Stantec employees have adapted to a new world and manners of working and had to follow new travel restrictions.

So far, the response to this new scheme has been positive, with 21% of current lease holders either agreeing to or expressing an interest in a new electric or hybrid vehicle.

Gill Blandin-Ellis, Human Resources director, Stantec said: “We’re very proud to launch this new scheme which focuses on rebranding and reframing our offer to employees with the environment in mind.

“The aim is to encourage further behavioural changes within our own operations to support our climate change commitments and targets. We look forward to more sustainability initiatives to drive forward a focus on protecting the environment.”

Fleet Evolution founder and Managing Director, Andrew Leech, said: “This new scheme for Stantec UK employees delivers multiple benefits to those who take it up, including zero emission vehicles and low tax bills.

“It also brings multiple benefits to the employer, saving national insurance, reducing the grey fleet risk and a providing a marked reduction in the corporate carbon footprint.

“In line with our current policy to try and make charging more widely available, we are providing free installation of two-port chargers at the office car park for every five of our cars on the Stantec fleet.

“That way, employees can charge their vehicles whenever they go into the office and greatly remove the risk of range anxiety,” he added.



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