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WITH fuel costs remaining high, it is now more important than ever before that businesses streamline operations as much as possible in order to keep their fuel bills as low as possible.

That’s according to RAM Tracking, a leading vehicle tracking, dashcam and fleet management company, which suggests fleet managers should keep an eye on vehicle whereabouts in order to better utilise assets.

RAM Tracking’s systems are used by fleets, both large and small, to optimize route efficiencies and streamline fleet management processes. It estimates that businesses save at least on average £71 per week per vehicle.

With live tracking enabled, businesses can easily see where each vehicle – and driver – is in real time, negating the need for managers to check up on employees.

Another way to reduce fuel bills is to encourage drivers to drive more carefully, and by using tracking data fleets can keep an eye on repeat offenders and use the historic data as part of a training programme to not only help improve road safety but also the company’s reputation.

Adam O’Neill, Head of Commercial at RAM Tracking said “Although the idea of having ‘big brother’ telematics installed in vehicles may put some off, the cost savings speak for themselves, especially in the current climate when every penny matters for hard-up businesses. Fleets can save thousands each month by using RAM Tracking’s innovative systems while also taking sensible steps to reduce their fuel bills.”

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