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Improvements to the Subaru XV will help refinement, safety and handling. Don’t forget that prices were re-aligned last July so it’s £2300 cheaper than it used to be

SUBARU has updated and simplified the XV range for 2014. The improvements are designed to help refinement, safety and handling.

Petrol-engined XVs get quieter valvegear and suspension changes designed to give a smoother ride.

All XVs get extra soundproofing and improved steering feel. Bodywork changes at the front improve crash safety. Inside, trim materials have been improved, and there’s now a tyre pressure warning system and a gear-shift indicator.

The Subaru XV line-up has also been streamlined with the dropping of the previous 1.6-litre petrol models.

Now customers can choose between 2.0-litre petrol and diesel boxer engines – the diesel achieves a combined 50.4 mpg and 146g/km. Petrol cars are available as automatics or manuals but there are only manual diesels.

The XV now starts at £21,995 – that’s an unchanged price for what is now the entry-level 2.0 petrol model. Subaru realigned XV prices with a £2300 drop last July. The upgraded cars go on sale next month.

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