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P11D Value   £26,620

Engine: 1598cc

Power/Torque: 120hp/250Nm

Max speed/0-62mph: 127mph/11.1secs

Fuel consumption (on test): 49.4mpg

CO2: 110g/km


Say hello to the Skoda Superb, the latest car on our long term test fleet.

Now in its third generation, Skoda’s huge saloon provides a lot of car for your business money – and the latest version is even bigger than before.

It’s 3cm longer and 5cm wider than before and you’ll never lose it in the car park because its nose sticks out well beyond most other vehicles.

Its dimensions translate to the interior where there is masses of room for people and luggage. Fold the rear seats in our hatchback and you open up a cargo area of estate car proportions – and yes, there is an estate version available as well.

Skoda-superbDespite growing in size the Superb has not put on any weight, in fact it has been put on a diet losing around 75kg which is welcome given its 1.6-litre diesel is not the most powerful around.

Not that you want to throw this car around – it demands to be driven somewhat more sedately to allow you to get the best out of the ride.

First 500 miles in the car took us through the Christmas and New Year holiday period with plenty of time on the motorway. The Superb is a comfortable cruiser although the engine note can start to get a bit intrusive when pushing on.

Plenty of room, though, for the luggage and the family Christmas presents – and the whole family actually.

The motorway is where the Skoda performs best and for those long business trips you can argue its case against the premium limos especially when it comes to value for money.

skoda-superbStarting at under £27,000 you can afford to bulk the Superb up with extra luxury equipment, even including a television!

Emissions aren’t too punitive and smaller engine versions return just 105g/km which is good news in terms of tax for such a large car.

Skoda claims 60mpg-plus motoring although our first 500 miles returned 49.4mpg which is still pretty good going.

Skoda Superb