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ZOE’s EV hot-spots

  • Chargemaster appointed to install home chargers for ZOE owners;
  • Free home charging wall-box offer remains unique in EV market;
  • It can charge at home to 100% in three to four hours;
  • It can rapid charge in public to 80% in 30 minutes;
  • ZOE now available with a claimed range of up to 149 miles;
  • Award-winning ZOE priced from £13,445 (inc PiCG).

FREE superchargers are now being offered to owners of the Renault ZOE electric vehicle (EV) to be installed by electric infrastructure market leaders Chargemaster.

Renault is currently the only manufacturer in the EV market offering a complimentary home charging solution.

Customers buying a new Renault ZOE will receive a 7kW (30A) wall-box charger fully installed at their home for free by Chargemaster which allows a full charge, from zero to 100% full, in just three to four hours.

This provides sufficient range for a ZOE to travel up to a claimed 149 miles on the official NEDC cycle.

The wall-box is built in the UK by Chargemaster and is weatherproof so can be installed indoors or outside, with a choice of tethered or socketed cables that can be neatly coiled when not in use.  The charger is protected by key controlled access and is covered by a four-year warranty – matching the vehicle manufacturer cover.

Once installed, owners are eligible to apply for a POLAR Network Card which grants access to UK’s largest public charging infrastructure with over 3,000 charging points.   The wall-box offer is available to retail customers who have access to off-street parking and an electricity supply.

The ZOE’s standard specification includes items such as climate control and sat-nav.

ZOE is available with a number of features that make for seamless electric vehicle ownership including remote monitoring of the battery and pre-heating the cabin via your smartphone.

It can be purchased in two ways – from £13,445 with a battery lease from £45 per month (including the government Plug-in Car Grant) or outright as a ZOE i version, from £18,445, with no monthly leasing charge.