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Tag: Honda

Honda offers EV for hybrid price

Honda is offering £8,000 deposit contribution towards e:Ny1 which means that for £346 per month* (5.9% APR), customers can opt for the e:Ny1 Elegance, or the similarly specified HR-V Hybrid

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Honda launches second BEV

To further reflect its unique standing in the Honda range, the model debuts a new EV identity. The white ‘H’ badge on the front becomes a new symbol of Honda

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Honda puts the case for hydrogen

Honda was one of the first companies to focus on the potential of hydrogen toward the realisation of a carbon-neutral society and has been conducting research and development of hydrogen

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105808 honda civic 1 5 vtec turbo sport plus dynamic

Civic Centre

The Civic is a core model for the brand in Europe and has been at the heart of its sales and manufacturing heritage in the region.

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