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Tag: Paris Motor Show


Honda Insight: attractive proposition Behind the scene stories I love some of the background stuff you pick up at motor shows. At Paris, Honda launched its new hybrid model, the

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Fabulously sleek Eurostar trains The biannual Paris Motor Show Travelled over to France on Wednesday for the Paris Motor Show. I turned up at St Pancras to take the Eurostar

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Honda president, Takeo Fukui, answers questions about the new Honda Insight at the Paris Motor Show Glitz, glamour, but underlying concern Motor shows are always glitzy affairs. Paris was no

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C3 Picasso extends Citroen

Citroen showcased its new C3 Picasso at the Paris Motor Show.

The five-seater C3 Picasso extends the Citroen range of Picasso models to four, and its range of MPV models to

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