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Tesla Model S P85D

What’s not?

  • The Tesla’s sophisticated batteries work best with their Superchargers; try to charge it on a standard three-pin plus and you’ll be waiting a long time for your Model S to be fully charged.
  • For the £60,000+ price, although well made, we thought some of the interior plastics felt cheap and scratchy in the Tesla. The grey finish was also dark and a bit drab.
  • Impressively refined, but the 20-inch alloys do unsettle the ride.
  • Yes, the Model S can be bought with the government’s £5,000 plug-in grant, but with its £50,000+ price, there’s no such a thing as a cheap Tesla.

Verdict for the Tesla Model S P85D

If you’re in the market for an upmarket luxury car and in the fortunate position of being able to afford the Model S’s considerable price, plus can live with the electric power – then the Tesla Model S could be the car for you.

However if you can get past the price, when you look at the package, few rivals can touch the Tesla Model S if you’re running it on your business.

For example, if you compare it with the E-hybrid version of the Porsche Panamera S, the Tesla is over £22,000 cheaper to buy than the German and it goes into the 5% tax band versus the 9% of the Porsche. However, another reason why the Tesla will be cheaper to run than the Panamera is the 0 g/km CO2 figure of the Tesla, versus the 71g/km of the Porsche.

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