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MANAGING your fleet of vehicles is an enormous responsibility. An expensive endeavour with many moving parts, there are many businesses out there with enough on their plates already. It is a tough time, and anyway things can be made easy is likely a good thing right now.

Therefore, keeping things as simple and affordable as possible in managing the fleet would likely be a welcome possibility for many company owners. Leasing is a reliable path forward, but what do you get out of it as a business owner? Well, here are some of the advantages of fleet leasing.

Business discounts

If your fleet is full of leased vehicles, that means you can enjoy numerous discounts. After all, you will be giving car leasing retailers much more business compared to someone who is squaring away a deal for themselves only. There may be plenty of wiggle room, giving you numerous opportunities to haggle and negotiate.

You will get a much better deal that’s tailored to your needs when dealing with car leasing retailers such as Vantage Leasing. It’s essentially a B2B trade that gives both your business and theirs a considerable boost, so you have mutual interests and assurances. Vantage Leasing has extensive experience in fleet leasing and an array of car leasing special offers, so the team can help you to achieve your goals and form a long-term relationship with your business. What you are creating is a working relationship, rather than a quick sale, and that can be rewarding in its own right.

Speed and efficiency

It’s not only the vehicles themselves that can be fast and efficient, but the service that is provided by the retailers. After all, if you are building or expanding your fleet, then it is highly likely your business is improving in other areas too. If you want to keep that momentum of growth going, leasing might be best, because buying a car takes a great deal of time and patience when it is a permanent investment.

They also have specially trained consultation teams, who will guide you through the process and supply you with a quality vehicle sometimes only two weeks after the order is made. When businesses look for support, there can be many loopholes with some services that slow everything down, but not here. It’s quick, painless, and incredibly easy, making it a vital service if you need to quickly build or expand your fleet.

The best vehicles

Unfortunately, car sales have plunged to their lowest levels since around 1946, so it has become clear that both commercial and personal cars are not on anybody’s shopping lists right now. However, while it is tough not being able to purchase your dream vehicles for your fleet, you can certainly lease them instead.

Leased vehicles are guaranteed to be of good quality, coming with all the latest bells and whistles you would expect from the most innovative cars and lorries today. Navigation systems, security features, and even seat warmers are all available to you and your drivers, keeping you all safe and comfortable while you are out on the roads. Needless to say, your corporate image will take a big boost too.

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