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WOULD you like to innovate some new methods to ensure a higher return on the investment of your car dealership?

You are paying a lot for the property, taxes, payroll, insurance, and advertising. At the end of the day, what you really need is an edge that makes customers enjoy their experience at your dealership.

This is how you generate a high volume of sales and grow your business over the course of years. For this reason, every dealership should strongly consider the benefits of adding a car rental service to their list of amenities. 

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Let’s consider how this helps dealerships in greater detail.

Partnering with a car rental agency increases the customer service potential of your dealership while also building ties with other area businesses.

For example, a Toyota dealership in Reykjavik working with Lotus Car Rental guarantees their customers can have reliable transportation while their vehicles are being serviced.

This sort of arrangement has the potential to streamline business while growing it too; when it comes time for the rental service to renew part of their fleet, it might be through your dealership.

A full-service dealership that provides car rental for customers will lead to consumer reciprocity.

When consumers feel that you’ve given them something of value, they will reciprocate by referring friends, bragging about being pampered, and doing more business with you in the future.

Although it may be pricey for consumers to rent a vehicle when their cars will be repaired in a few hours, some consumers will appreciate the option.

And when they need major repairs, they will remember that your dealership provides rental services. This type of partnership with a rental agency provides your dealership with a competitive edge.

Some dealerships even pre-sell rental coverage to ensure that their best customers always have access to a rental vehicle when their vehicles are in for maintenance, repairs, recalls, or warranty work.

Respecting the status of your customers and ensuring them easy access to rental resources can go a long way in improving the image of your dealership.

The Value of Convenience

Convenience is what consumers really want more than anything. They like one-stop-shop solutions, instant gratification, and being able to complete any tasks before them as quickly as possible.

In this day and age, time is money. Consumers have very little time to spare as they juggle careers, family, and day-to-day obligations.

When you make it impractical for them to drop off their vehicles for service, they are bound to pull into the closest car shop around. Y

ou can’t treat customers like they are inferior. Most of them are professionals or extremely intelligent people. It is almost disrespectful to ask them to just drop off their car for an uncertain amount of time and somehow deal with a lack of transportation.

Although many repair shops now offer shuttle services to help them go to a nearby shopping center or for lunch at a restaurant, this is not enough.

These are full-grown adults who often have a lot on their plates. It is critical to enable them to act with the full range of flexibility that they need to complete their daily tasks by offering substitute vehicles.


Every dealership should try to work out a partnership with a car rental agency. They can pre-sell the costs of this amenity even if they are on the fence about whether their customer base wants the service.

They can also work with rental agencies to negotiate rates and secure a fleet of complimentary loaner cars for customers to use during any repair or service. Any way you slice it, it is a win-win option.

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