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TMC Mobility+ makes it easier to keep tabs on business mileage

New TMC Mobility+ product brings ‘Mobility As A Service’ (MAAS) a step closer


2 February 2018

About TMC Mobility+

  • Consolidates all sources of mobility data including vehicle leasing costs, SMR, accident costs, fuel, hire cars, hotels, trains, planes, meals, car parking, tolls and fines.
  • Can provide an expense management platform
  • Makes mobility recommendations for each individual driver

DO YOU have trouble keeping tabs on employees’ business mileage? TMC’S new TMC Mobility+ service enables companies to manage all business-related travel costs via a single dashboard.

Bringing ‘Mobility As A Service’ (MAAS) a step closer, the new system can make recommendations for optimising mobility at both company and individual level, based on employee travel patterns.

It also features a dashboard designed to enable employees to keep track of their spend and stay within any specified mobility budget.

Available in the UK and Europe, the Mobility+ mobility management and audit system consolidates all sources of mobility data including vehicle leasing costs, SMR, accident costs, fuel, hire cars, hotels, trains, planes, meals, car parking, tolls and fines.

Mobility+ takes direct data feeds from all suppliers involved in business travel – from leasing companies, fuel card and telematics providers, accident management providers, payroll data and expenses systems along with mileage data from TMC’s system.

TMC can also provide an expense management platform where employees can record claims and upload receipts at their desk or via TMC’s multi-platform smartphone app.

By overlaying travel information on to employee data, such as whether individuals are home or office-based, TMC Mobility+ provides companies with a single view of costs and a 360-degree view of each employee’s business travel patterns.

Paul Hollick, managing director of TMC, said: “We are very excited about the potential for Mobility+ and have designed the product around our client demands.

“Mobility+ is not just a reporting tool that tracks employee holistic movement costs. It analyses the consolidated data and makes mobility recommendations for each individual driver.

“These recommendations can be around who should or shouldn’t be eligible for a company car; who could be in electric vehicles; who could be car sharing, and where it could be more cost-effective to give someone a transportation allowance rather than a conventional car or cash allowance.”

The service is pan European and will help businesses to optimise their mobility mix and manage their Total Cost of Mobility, added Mr Hollick.

“Mobility+ leverages TMC’s expertise in bringing fleet and travel data streams to life. Consolidated data solutions are the key to achieving fully-fledged Mobility As A Service, and we see Mobility+ as a significant step along the road.

“Mobility+ really consolidates all the TMC product lines into one simple view. We have fuel data, leasing data, trip data, telematics data and movement data through either our own expenses platform or by integrating with third partner expense solutions.

“Mobility+ brings this all together to allow strategic fleet managers to truly understand their mobility costs and provide outputs to reduce cost, improve policy and reduce carbon.”

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