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The VW Golf Bluemotion is a more predictable choice

Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

Next to a lot of the exotic, hi-tech machinery in this list a standard diesel-powered Golf looks a little out of place.

It shouldn’t, though, because the latest Golf Bluemotion is a stellar all-rounder and capable of more than 80mpg.

As well as the astounding fuel economy the Bluemotion is also comfortable, good fun and high-quality. It makes motorway journeys just fly by with its cosseting ride and excellent high-speed refinement.

What’s more, with 109bhp on offer you’ll be surprised by just how quick it feels. If you can hold out until late next year, VW is planning a plug-in hybrid version of the Golf but until that arrives the Bluemotion is a great low-emitting alternative.

Our company car favourite: Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion

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