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So, no more tax discs. But road tax continues of course – unless your company car happens to duck the 100g/km emissions barrier, like my Audi A3…

NO more perforations. No more carefully peeling off the outer edge of the tax disc. And tearing it (inevitably).

The Chancellor’s Autumn statement has ripped up the coloured paper disc  we put on our windscreen for good and consigned it to the wastepaper bin of history.

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From 01 October 2014, the tax disc is going electronic.

It will save time and administration, whatever the size of your business. The BVRLA reckons fleets spend £10m on the paper tax disc – that’s a helluva saving.

You’ll still need a tax disc of course, but the abolition of the tax disc has been made possible because of the increasing use of an electronic register of cars, vans and lorries linked to number plate recognition to identify tax dodgers.

So don’t think you can get away without paying it.

Unless of course you drive a company car with CO2 emissions up to 100g/km – like my Audi A3 Sportback for example, or the 98g/km Vauxhall Insignia, Honda Civic 1.6D, Volvo V40 diesel and so on. These cars qualify for £0 VED (Vehicle Excise Duty – or road tax to you and me).

Which is always a saving worth having – along with part of that £10m efficiency saving!

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