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VOLKSWAGEN is taking the next big step towards becoming a software-oriented mobility provider with its ACCELERATE strategy.

Effective immediately, all ID. models will receive regular software updates via mobile data transfer. The updates had previously only been available as part of a test phase for customers who had registered with the “ID. First Movers Club”. The “ID. Software 2.3” offers new functions and optimises existing ones.

Networking the entire ID. fleet will allow Volkswagen to lay the foundation for new, customer-oriented business models. So far, VW remains the only high-volume manufacturer to provide this technology for its customers.

In future, the company plans to provide its customers with free software around every twelve weeks to keep the vehicles up to date and improve the customer experience. VW is also aiming to generate increased revenue during the usage phase with new, data-based business models – for services and functions that the customer can now order as required, whenever these are needed.

For example, this could be Travel Assist or improved battery performance for long journeys, or even automated driving at a later point in time. VW sees the potential to generate hundreds of millions in additional revenue over the next few years.


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