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Bringing the turbodiesel D4 engine to the V40 is a logical move, as its Volvo’s top corporate choice

Company Car Review of the Volvo V40 D4 Manual SE NAV

What is it?

HERE’S Volvo’s V40 running with the company’s latest Drive-E engine.

Offered in two guises, as the 2.0-litre petrol T5 or diesel D4, it’s the latter with 99 g/km for C02 (equalling low tax) that’ll likely resonate most with the UK’s company car community.

Drive-E is the umbrella name for Volvo’s new generation of modular four cylinder engines, designed in-house by Volvo, built in Sweden and already on sale in the S60/V60 and other upper end models.

Bringing Drive-E to the V40, the corporate best seller, was the logical next step. Alongside the five cylinder engines they replace, the new T5 and D4 are notably cleaner and more efficient.

The turbodiesel D4 also has more power (190 bhp vs 177 bhp) and in 6-speed manual trim, as tested here, gives you that business car-friendly 99 g/km rating as well.

The petrol T5 has the exact same 1969 cc capacity plus a punchier and more playful 245 bhp. But with 137 g/km for C02 and F vehicle tax band, it’ll inevitably be more onerous on the corporate wallet than the D4.

True to form, Volvo gives you a wide, almost bewildering range of V40s to choose from (SE, Lux, NAV, Cross Country, R Design etc) and from there the car can be specced up further with multiple trim, equipment and wheel options.

This D4 Manual SE NAV is perhaps typical of the new gen V40 you might see in the UK company car cark and kicks off with a £25,715 P11D.

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