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With the new Drive-E engine fitted, this Volvo V40 could be the pick of the range

Business Car Manager Verdict:

Put simply, the Volvo V40 with Drive-E engine on board is a no-brainer. Especially the new D4 turbodiesel which comprehensively lifts economy and performance while lowering emissions and taxes compared to the unit it replaces. Throw in impressive all-round refinement, good torque and response, and one could reasonably ask: what’s not to like?

Drive-E is a breakthrough for Volvo on a corporate level too, as it’s Volvo’s own engine, so freeing it from the need to rely on other companies (ie Ford) for supply. The petrol T5 which is part of the same new engine family is a worthy step up, too. All that’s missing really is the throb and character of the departing five cylinder engines.

Expect further Drive-E engine variants to come, including hybrid and rumoured three cylinder editions. Here and now, though, Volvo has clearly raised the game with this new gen 190 bhp 2.0-litre D4 with 99 g/km engine, giving the V40 fresh legs in the ever competitive Golf-A3 company car sector.

The Low Down…..

Doors and body style 5-door hatchback
Engine/gearbox: 2.0-litre 4 cyl turbodiesel/6-speed manual transmission
CO2 Emissions: 99 g/km
Economy: 74.3 mpg
Power/torque 190ps/400Nm
0-62mph/top speed: 7.2secs/143 mph
Insurance group: 27

…..and what it costs

P11D Value £25,715
Monthly business rental (ex VAT) From £N/A (3yrs/30,000 miles)
Road tax (VED) Band A
Company Car Tax Bands 2014/15 to 2016/17 £15%, 17%,16%
Benefit in kind 2014/15 to 2016/17  £3857; £4372; £4114
Annual/Monthly fuel benefit (20%)  £651/£54.25
Annual/Monthly fuel benefit (40%) £1302/£108.50
Annual/monthly company car tax (20%) £771/£64.25
Annual/monthly company car tax (40%) £1543/£128.58
Figures correct at time of posting
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