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LEASING is becoming more popular in the motoring industry, not only giving customers the chance to get their hands on a new car more regularly but providing them with the option to change the style, size and model of their motor to fit their altering lifestyles.

As the desire for quick change and fast purchasing grows, consumers are looking for more ways to get what they want, when they want it. However, the leasing process and wait time can be a lot quicker and smoother than that of buying a new car, something that’s particularly of benefit to emergency services, NHS, and social care workers.

For such workers, a new car can serve as an essential lifeline, helping them travel to and from work quicker – especially after a long shift saving lives. As such, many cannot afford to be without a car, and leasing offers a convenient solution to that.

Dean Skiba, Chief Operating Officer at Motorfinity said that’s why his company recently launched a new leasing division, which offers UK frontline workers the opportunity to lease brand new vehicles at discounted prices.

But it’s not just frontline workers that can reap the benefits leasing affords. Leasing could be just the solution to an increasingly time-poor nation accustomed to the ‘get it now’ culture, and here’s why.

Costs are often lower

When leasing a new car, not only is the initial cost much lower, but by driving a new car, customers can expect to face less worries about potential repair fees that might come with an older model.

Frontline workers especially have battled fluctuating wages for a number of years, however, leasing gives them the opportunity to find a car that suits their changing financial situation and altering lifestyles.

Most vehicles don’t require extensive maintenance or repair work until they’re at least ten years old. And, for many frontline workers who rely on a steady, trustworthy car, leasing is a perfect option, as they have the knowledge that they’re covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Greater flexibility

By leasing, customers will be able to keep up to date with motor trends, technology advances and experiment with different types of cars to see which fits their lifestyle the best.

Customers such as frontline workers, may need a separate car to travel around for work and a different one for their personal life, meaning the cost of buying and maintaining their vehicles could increase dramatically. As their jobs or lives change, so may their car priorities. By having a short-term leasing contract, customers have the flexibility to switch up their motor to suit them.

You can swiftly move onto your next car

The world is becoming a place of constant evolution, with people often living a life that is extremely fast paced. Thanks to the development of technology, we are now able to get a lot of services at the click of a button, creating the culture and expectation of instant accessibility.

When leasing, customers won’t have to face manufacturing delays that those buying a new car may face. They will also be able to get their hands on the newest motors rather than having to wait for the latest model to depreciate in value before purchasing, making the whole process quicker and simpler than buying.



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